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Paula Giordano

Township of Washington, NJ
  • Paula Giordano in the photo 1

I went to several local surgeons who always postponed surgery. I was walking with the aid of a walker and was in excruciating pain in my hips and also the arthritis was taking over my entire joints. Each surgeon would change my meds and told me to lose weight and exercise more. The only problem with exercising was that I really couldn't move that fast and endure the pain for long periods of time. My joints were "bone on bone" and I was constantly in excruciating pain. Several decades ago my mother had been helped tremendously at HSS with the help of their excellent surgeons. I made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Sculco at HSS and within weeks I had a total hip replacement. I subsequently went to a local rehab facility and then routine three day a week physical therapy sessions. That first experience was many years ago, since then I have had my other hip and knee replaced. Also my shoulder was immobilized and I was directed to Dr. Edward Craig at HSS. I had a reversed total shoulder replacement. That procedure was a miracle also. I am now truly "bionic" but more importantly...self sufficient. I will be walking my daughter down the aisle this spring at her wedding thanks to HSS!