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Paul Cunningham

Lido Beach, NY
  • Paul Cunningham in the photo 1

I retired July 1st and became very busy with my many hobbies such as golf, swimming and surfing. Within a month I developed a nagging pain in my right knee. It was subtle at first, then more pronounced as the summer ended and fall began. I went to a local sports doctor, who diagnosed the typical arthritic condition common to a 65-year-old and would require an eventual knee replacement after a series of injections that would delay the inevitable. It was now that I realized if I going to have surgery, and my peers told me there’s only one place to go and that’s HSS. So that January, I underwent a partial knee replacement under the guidance of Dr. Mayman. By March I was back swimming and soon to follow was golf. The big test came when I went to Colorado the following January for three months, and the knee performed flawlessly (every other body part hurts at 66). I skied a total of 66 days before the early virus related shutdown on March 15th.

Dr Mayman’s fine surgery gave me a great start to a wonderful retirement!