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Paul Broderick

White Plains, NY
  • Paul Broderick in the photo 1

I have been a patient of Dr. Altchek since 1990 and we knew then that a knee replacement was in my future. Dr Altchek helped me through my early years to manage the knee pain with a brace, PT and shots. My pain got so bad that I could barely walk through airports without looking for a cart to pick me up. Even work was getting too painful. Since I was still in my early 50's we tried to put off the replacement. In the spring of 2015 at 53 years old, the pain was to much and after consulting Dr Altchek, we decided it was time to replace my knee. The staff and Dr. Altchek were fantastic, the recovery room nurses were awesome and the PT staff was top notch. HSS is truly a world class hospital.

I was out of HSS in 3 days and started my rehab. The first 6 weeks were an effort, but then the healing process really started. I went to Ultimate PT in White Plains, NY and they worked and motivated me. I was back to work in 3 weeks and started playing light tennis in 4 months. I started spin classes and in the following spring started riding my bike outdoors. I got up to 5 miles, then 10, then 20 miles. January of 2017 I signed up for the TD 5 Boro 40 Mile Bike Tour. I rode my career long 42 miles the week before and felt that I was ready.

5/7/17 I started my ride at 7:30am in lower Manhattan, rode up 6th Ave through Manhattan, into the Bronx, back into Manhattan and down the FDR. This was my "aha" moment, riding my bike down the FDR after 15 miles, underneath HSS where 18 months ago I had a total knee replacement, on my way to 40 miles. This is why I had my knee replaced!! It was an emotional moment. I finished the 40 mile ride in 2 hours 45 minutes averaging 13 miles an hour, one of the first 300 people to finish out of 32,000 riders. I now walk through airports pain free and can ride my bike all day long.

Now after a ride or a competitive game of tennis or softball people are shocked when I mention that I had my knee replaced.

Thank you Dr. Altchek and HSS staff - you helped me get back into the game!