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Patrick Moletteri

Far Hills, NJ
  • Patrick Moletteri in the photo 1

Doctor Gulotta and Doctor Henry brought my shoulder back from a very difficult situation. A staph infection had taken root in my right shoulder in November 2015 causing me great pain. The first physician I saw diagnosed this as "frozen shoulder". After two months of treatment with no improvement I came to HSS to see Doctor Gulotta. After a battery of tests he determined that I had a "native" staph infection in my right shoulder. I was admitted to HSS in March 2016 for the first of three surgeries. The infection had destroyed my rotator cuff and was actually beginning to be present in my bones. After the surgery, Doctor Henry began treating the infection. In June Doctor Gulotta performed a reverse total shoulder replacement. Unfortunately, the infection returned after the surgery. A very disappointing event. Doctor Gulotta performed the final surgery in July to clean out the infection. Doctor Henry swung back into action and after a final treatment with IV antibiotics I was able to begin the long process of rehabilitation. Dr. Henry determined that I would need to take oral antibiotics for the rest of my life in order to suppress the infection. After six months of physical therapy I began working with a personal trainer to further strengthen my shoulder and the results have been fantastic. The range of motion and strength are returning and I have been able to resume many of the activities that are important for me. And the infection has not returned. This was a long and difficult process fraught with all sorts of doubts and uncertainties. I could not have made it through without the efforts these two medical professionals and the entire staff at HSS. I am truly "Back in the Game".