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Patrick Ciser

Wayne, NJ
  • Patrick Ciser in the photo 1

In 2015 it had become quite apparent that I would need hip replacement or hip resurfacing on my right hip. I had been training in karate for 44 years and lifting weights/bodybuilding for 42 years. I believed that the years of kicking and squatting with heavy weights had taken there toll. I couldn't imagine, however, not being able to perform at my karate school the way I used to. A friend of mine, a registered nurse, told me about hip resurfacing. I learned that after one year post-surgery, I could return to training as I always did. Skiing and other activities would also be no problem. I was also told how fortunate I was living in North Jersey that I could easily go to one of the best hospitals in the world - Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. I did much research about hip-resurfacing, and the Hospital. It was then I decided to make an appointment with one of their very best - Dr. Friedrich Boettner.

Meeting Dr. Boettner at his Manhattan office was all I needed to make up my mind as to how to proceed. He was certainly impressive with his knowledge and advice. Not to mention the fact that he had a good "bedside manner" and was comfortable to talk to. So it was decided that he would perform the surgery on March 26, 2016. Today is March 24th, 2017 as I wanted to be able to fully evaluate my condition after one year.

I will today, absolutely give Dr. Boettner, his staff, and Hospital for Special Surgery, a five star rating. Don't think it's going to be easy, however, you must make a mental commitment that this surgery is going to be worth it. I'll tell you this, there was less pain than I expected lying in bed. Getting in and out of bed was quite painful, but short lived. My surgery was on a Friday and I took, I believe, Percocet, as prescribed just in case. By Sunday morning, I told the nurse that I no longer needed it.

This surgery, perhaps because the cut is made on the side, requires more time to heal, but it was still worth it. Kudos to Dr. Boettner who used glue, instead of staples, after surgery to close me up. The scar is better and you don't have that railroad track look after removing staples.

In three months I was doing my "forms" (kata) at my school and even doing a straddle stance, which is like a squat with weights. In about four months I was squatting with light weights in the gym. In six months I raised the weight with no problem. The only problem I had at the karate school was the stability of my hip while standing on one leg, which was quite understandable. Today, I am happy to report, that I am training pretty hard at the school, dramatically increased my stability, and I'm even sparring with my black belts. For you runners out there, I'm able to run, and even do wind sprints, with no pain. I was ready to take my daughter skiing this year (2017) but the weather wasn't cooperating.

If you are like me, and you enjoy an active lifestyle, I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with Dr. Boettner. He also works with most insurance companies. Good luck!