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Patricia VanDenburg

Leeds, NY
  • Patricia VanDenburg in the photo 1

Dr. Michael Cross had his hands full with my atypical body. He was amazing in making me feel safe and understand that we were a team. Both he and his team were like family, helping me through 2 exterior hip replacements and an interior hip dislocation. I had CAM, which they are finding out about as being a deformity at birth and not arthritis for those of us over 50. Thanks to research being so important to Dr. Cross, it helped him stay on top of the latest and what things are and the best solution. It was clear I was part of a team. They felt like family and though my case is a case doctors dread (I know as these were surgeries 29 and 30 for me). I'm grateful that I am a part of Dr. Cross's team and my care is in his and his staff's hands. God bless Patricia, see you in a few for my 1st annual check-ups.