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Patricia Toscano

Greenbrook, NJ
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I had been paralyzed in February, and was in a speechless place for three days! I was saved by Dr . Kim! He was the only doctor to make a blessed decision to save my life! With the help of the hospital staff as well as a social worker, it was all made possible! I’m stronger then ever! A true miracle! Thank you Dr. Kim! I don’t know the words to express the grateful breath I wake up to everyday! I have joy in my heart every breath I take I’m grateful for you. You gave me my active life just like you said! Dr. Kim is a godsend! Truly a beautiful soul of a human being! I’m off pain medication after 8 years of a cervical spine problem with nerve and brain injury! Dr Kim fixed a percentage of it I feel. I truly have a beautiful journey forward.

This experience has been severely traumatizing for me. I believe I truly have my life back because Dr. Kim is a loyal soul of a doctor! Blessed to have you in my heart for the rest of my days. Yesterday was 6 months from my surgery, and I will do my best to stay active. It feels wonderful to have no pain, as there are many challenges with the nerves that trigger brain issues. I’m so much better. I have about 6 months to pay attention, and it should get better as the days go by. The cold is being a problem, so I’ll stay home this winter. Blessed to be alive! I’m on a journey one day at a time. Dr. Kim saves! Thank you!❤️