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Patricia Muir

Peoria, AZ
  • Patricia Muir in the photo 1
  • Patricia Muir in the photo 2

Dr. Andrew Sama was my fourth consult...back surgery was the last thing I ever wanted to do! However, Dr. Sama's consult differed greatly from "the rest" and finally I knew Dr. Sama was my surgeon of choice. He took his time to examine my films and me, explained minimally invasive surgery options supported by research, statistics, and empirical evidence. It is critical to note HSS has less than 1% infection rate which is vital to a patients well being. I am an RN so this information was critical in selecting Dr. Sama and HSS. For years I found my activity level challenged, giving up and modifying over the years until I could barely even tolerate my career. I had biked century rides, hiked the Grand Canyon, spin at the gym, until I could only swim. I was 60 and had the surgery with Dr. Sama. HE GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE! In full swing... No limitations! No narcotics! Can you imagine that? I hike, bike, swim, spin, etc. without ANY back pain. I was diagnosed with scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, arthritis, and herniated and bulging discs. I had extreme lumbar fusion, All corrected WITHOUT instrumentation ! If YOU want the most optimum outcome, Dr. Sama is the surgeon for you. Especially since HSS is also the best choice for surgery- definitely a winning combo!