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Patricia Costarelli

Totowa, NJ
  • Patricia Costarelli in the photo 1

Dr. Bernard Rawlins is the salt of the earth. I came to Dr. Rawlins as I searched for a physician to relieve the agonizing pain in my lower back. My pain was so excruciating I could not sleep in bed. There were nights I had to sleep on my knees with half of my body draped on a couch in our living room. Pain medication made everyday living just about bearable. I was at wits end and feeling hopeless.

I had several consultations with other physicians before seeing Dr. Rawlins. Dr. Rawlins was the last consultation. Dr. Rawlins was straightforward with his diagnosis and confident in his skills. All the physicians agreed with my diagnosis except for how a spinal fusion should be performed. Every physician other then Dr. Rawlins wanted to use synthetic bone graft material.

Dr. Rawlins was adamant that he would not perform the procedure using synthetic bone grafting material. He was confident in his skills performing bone grafts. With all the complications regarding synthetic bone grafting materials. I am glad Dr. Rawlins was a man of his convictions. He said he was excellent with the grafting procedure and he certainly was.

Not only did I have a back problem but I also suffer from spinocerebellar ataxia type 2(SCA2), so selecting the correct physician was of the utmost importance.

Needless to say my family and I made the correct decision. His care through every phase of the procedure was excellent. Dr. Rawlins is not just a doctor to us. He is family. He is a very special human being. His gentleness, kindness, concern through every phase of the procedure was remarkable and frankly unheard of.

There are no words that I can use to express how special Dr. Rawlins is to our family. His skill is remarkable and only exceeded by the humanity of the man and his moral character.

Needless to say. My back is pain free and was pain free right after the surgery. We can not thank Dr. Rawlins enough for the miracle he performed on me.

Dr. Rawlins' office staff reflect his professionalism and caring. Delisabeth Matos, his office manager, is remarkable. She handled every phase for my family as if it was her family. The nurses in the office were always polite and caring.

I think you get the picture. Dr. Rawlins is a tremendous physician and more importantly a special human being. An angel from heaven, he treated us as if we were members of his family. God Bless Dr. Rawlins,

Never give up hope on humanity with people like Dr. Rawlins in the world. Never ever give up hope on being healed with a special surgeon like Dr. Rawlins!

With all our love,

Patricia, Frank, Eric, Nicholas. A special thank you from Thomasin for healing her grandmother!