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Patricia Carpenter

Port Jefferson Station, NY
  • Patricia Carpenter in the photo 1

When I step onto the ballroom floor, I am ageless. Off the floor, despite training and exercise, I sometimes need to pay attention to the aches and problems that need to be smoothed out to enable me to continue my passion in the years to come.

An example of this occurred this past spring when I noticed pain around my right hip and lower back that continued despite my usual methods of treating my aches. My next ballroom competition was quickly approaching, so I went to Dr. Wyss to see if he could bring me some relief. Lucky for me, he did. I was able to get through an evening and two days of competition, pain-free.

In addition, following Dr. Wyss’ advice, I have been going to physical therapy and learning exercises and stretches to do at home to keep my discomfort at bay.

I am so grateful to Dr. Wyss for first understanding my passion and my desire to keep doing what I love, and for also helping to find ways to make this happen.

Thank you, Dr. Wyss!