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Pascal George

Nyack, NY
  • Pascal George in the photo 1

From my first meeting with Dr. Toresdahl to the follow-up with Dr. Nawabi, multiple visits to radiology and other services, to the operation, and the follow-up, it has been a 100% positive experience. I actually enjoyed the day of surgery, interacting with the staff at all levels.

My recovery has been fabulous and Dr. Nawabi has been very approachable, clear in his expectations and his work speaks for himself.

2 months into my recovery, I traveled to France and was able to enjoy short swims in the Mediterranean, crutch-supported strolls in the local markets and painless travels by car, train and plane.

7 months post-surgery, involving an ACL transplant, meniscus shaving and cartilage fracture repairs, I am playing ping-pong everyday and hiking every weekend. I am waiting for the 9-month milestone to indulge into full strength activities such as Tae-Kwon-Do....