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Pamela Rodman

New York, NY
  • Pamela Rodman in the photo 1

It was a beautiful powder day at Alta, UT in 2016 on top of the Collins Lift. I fell backwards with a twist to the left and heard a pop in my left knee. I was taken down to the health unit in the wagon by ski patrol, where I was diagnosed with a tibia plateau fracture and maybe a torn ACL and flew home home immediately. A friend, who is a doctor, recommended Dr. Sam Taylor at HSS. Dr. Taylor saw me immediately, did the exam and sent me straight for the MRI. He called the next day and said surgery ASAP, and that the injury was worse than expected. I tore the top of my tibia plateau with the ACL intact, however, attached to a free floating bone fragment. Because my bones are brittle, Dr. Taylor was challenged to reattach the ACL and fragment, but he did it in nearly four hours of surgery. The PT was tough, but with Dr. Taylor's encouragement I stuck it out, and was back on the slopes one year later!

Thank you Dr. Taylor!!