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Pamela Nahal

New York, NY

I've been physically active since I was a child back home in Beaver Falls, PA. I was a champion gymnast in high school-- a member of a team that won the state high school title. When I wasn't doing that, I was dancing. I eventually danced my way all the way to New York City and had the chance to dance in several national tours of Broadway shows. These days when I'm not at my day job, I'm teaching spin classes. I guess it all caught up to me a bit with my right hip.

That's where Dr. David Mayman and his incredible team at HSS came in. While some other doctors thought I was too young to have hip replacement surgery, I knew that for my lifestyle, I really couldn't lead a normal life the way I needed to. Dr. Mayman understood that. He knew what I needed to do to get back to my normal, active life. He knew that, for me, it was just time. What a blessing and wonderful experience it was to be treated by Dr. Mayman and all of the talented, caring professionals at HSS from initial consultations through post-op. Ten weeks after my surgery I was back on the bike teaching spin classes like nothing had happened, and back to the life that I happily know better than ever.