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Pam S.

Cos Cob, CT
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Dr. Rozbruch and his team made a dream come true. I was born with a deformity of both my wrists and forearms. They were bowed and abnormally short. The deformities plagued me every day. I am 57. In August 2022, I had my first consultation with Dr. Rozbruch. He told me he could help me!

It was a long road, 6 surgeries, and a combined 352 days in an external fixator (TSF). First the left arm and then the right. Dr. Rozbruch and his incredible team were there every step of the way. They answered every question and email. They are so talented and so kind.

Dr. Rozbruch makes it seem so effortless, but I know how special his skills are. I am forever grateful. He straightened and lengthened both of my forearms. A true miracle!

I would also like to acknowledge PA, Zac Edelman whose attention to detail and upbeat manner made me smile, and nurse Nancy Maguire. I still remember she was the first person with whom I met at LLCRS. I was so nervous. She put my mind at ease. She told me, “Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.” I certainly did!