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P. Michael Schelkun MD, DDS, FACS

Naples, FL
  • P. Michael Schelkun MD, DDS, FACS in the photo 1
  • P. Michael Schelkun MD, DDS, FACS in the photo 2

This was undoubtedly the best hospital experience I have had as a patient. I am a retired surgeon and I have have been on the provider side for 40 years. Now I am experiencing the patient side of surgery. Dr. Westrich, HSS, Nursing, PT and all the staff have been outstanding. They have been wonderfully accommodating, professional and empathetic. The level of care I received was second to none! I was and still am totally impressed and happy with the entire experience. This institution and these professionals truly understand and get it. Everything was explained and done as it should be. I am so pleased and thankful for the care I received. Dr. Westrich and HSS, you are the Best of the Best. This is why I chose Dr. Westrich and HSS, and they surpassed my expectations. God has blessed these wonderful professions and institution. Thank you!