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Oswald Perez

East Elmhurst, NY

I came to HSS in the Fall of 1996 as I was born with a set of deformed legs as a complication of my cerebral palsy. Both legs turned inward instead of straight. I first had surgery that September, but my legs still weren't straightened out. After years of wearing a brace on my right leg, I came back in the winter of 2001 and with the EKG done on my right leg, the road to the next surgery began. And that summer, I had two operations on my right leg, the latter involved taking a tendon from my left leg and transferring it to my right one. It would be an arduous nine month recovery process coming in for physical therapy twice a week after school, but I was so intent on walking my own two feet that I couldn't give up even if there were moments when I wanted to. All of it culminated in August of 2002 with what seemed like a standard follow up appointment. That was the case until Dr. Widmann said something that I didn't think I would ever hear, "you can take the brace off your leg". I looked at him in disbelief, then I took the brace off my leg. Taking the first step was a surreal experience and one I've waited my entire lifetime for. I can't thank Dr. Widmann and my therapist Erin enough for all they did to help me enjoy the rest of my life.