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Oscar Hoffman

New York, NY
  • Oscar Hoffman in the photo 1

An old climbing injury resulting in a large disc bulge in 2013 had always caused me low back pain and discomfort. I was unable to do the exercises that I wanted and it prevented me from enjoying my hobbies. After moving to New York and asking around for non-surgical doctors, I was referred to Dr. Wyss. Dr. Wyss and his office manager, Jennifer, were and continue to be incredibly kind and amazing. From the time of my first visit, Dr. Wyss was very thorough and talked me through everything and in great detail. After a new MRI, he recommended physical therapy. He understood that I wasn't a believer of physical therapy but the way he encouraged me and explained my issue convinced me to make the appointment, specifically recommending Dana at the Spine Therapy Center. My sessions with Dana absolutely changed my life and improved the quality of my life. Dana listened to my hesitations about PT and made the sessions fun, engaging, and useful. Not only did she teach me exercises that I could do at home and apply to my current gym routine, but she challenged me. I am now a full believer in physical therapy and credit that to Dana and Dr. Wyss. Minus the inevitable sporadic aches and pains, my back pain is virtually gone and I've never felt better.