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Omar Diaz

Byram Township, NJ
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I had a snowboarding accident which led to a torn ACL as diagnosed by Dr. John D. MacGillivray. This made me feel as that was it for me as I was already in my early 50s and didn’t think I would be able to come back from this injury. Getting back to snowboarding was crucial to me as a snowboard instructor and program director to the Hoods to Woods Foundation, which teaches NYC inner city youth how to snowboard. I underwent a very successful surgery and recuperated quite well. Pre- and post-surgery, Dr. MacGillivray provided very detailed procedures for me to follow to get back on my snowboard and skateboard. I followed his instructions to the letter and, I’m back to my snowboard and skateboard with no setbacks whatsoever.

Thank you Dr. MacGillivray for a perfect surgery and your guidance during the recovery process.