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Olivia Pichardo

Forest Hills, NY
  • Olivia Pichardo in the photo 1

I am a female baseball player. It is not something many women do and my injury was perhaps unique since I'm a pitcher and not many health care professionals come across people like me.

I developed a UCL ligament injury as a result of overthrowing. I also had a growth plate injury because it first happened when I was 14. I had visited a few doctors who correctly identified my injury but my arm was not improving despite intense physical therapy.

I had already lost one entire season and not being able to train, I was afraid my baseball career could be in jeopardy. It wasn't until I saw a doc from HSS that I was finally put on the path back to recovery.

Dr. K. recognized my condition immediately. What was different about his prognosis was the fact that he recognized my arm never had a rebuilding and strengthening program. He gave me the same program he would give a professional pitcher. I followed it to the letter and finally I was able to pitch again slowly.

Today I am able to pitch with very little to zero discomfort. I was able to strength train and long toss as well. The result has been that I hit 82mph during one of my pitching workouts. I am the hardest throwing female pitcher in the world and that's in no small part thanks to Dr. K.

I currently have several college offers and without that initial throwing program I don't know if I would have been able to get back on track.

This is me: www.oliviabaseball.com.

Thank you,

Olivia Pichardo