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Olga Lacina

Staten Island, NY
  • Olga Lacina in the photo 1

I had surgery in both knees in 2001. Two months after surgery I came back to work as a recreational therapist and the next year I was teaching my granddaughter to ice skate. I was able to rollerblade and started to ski. I was also working out at Curves. Later I took daily care of my new born grandson and had to stop Curves. I was a member of Staten Island Ski Club and couple years I was skiing in Sunday River Maine dark blue trails. Now I am a member of the YMCA on Staten Island and I am working out almost daily, pushing with leg press 45 lbs 16 times in four repetitions. I walk daily with my dog and am going to ski in Colorado next month for two weeks. Isn't it a great success? HSS gave me 14 years of quality life and I can do what I love most - my sports. Thank you.