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Nora Delaney

San Jose, CA

I’d had 28 hip surgeries prior to coming to Dr Bostrom at HSS - 14 of them between 2010 and 2015. After the 14th surgery failed, my orthopedic surgeon at a well respected hospital/university in California (who I had been with for 16 years) told me that there was “no way to save the hip”. There was not enough bone left and his recommendation was to “remove the hip completely and not put another hip in”.

Faced with that horrible diagnosis, I started searching for help. I researched the best hospitals for unique orthopedic cases and came across Dr Bostrom’s bio at HSS. It was like it was written for me.

We flew to New York and as we walked in and met with Dr Bostrom’s NP Nadia, we discussed the “option” given to me by my prior surgeon. She said “Oh, you’re too young and too pretty to go through life without a hip. Let’s see what Dr Bostrom can do.” I can’t express how that made me feel. These were the first words of hope that we had heard for so long and the beginning of a journey that changed my life.

Dr Bostrom came in, looked at the x-rays, spoke a few words and said “OK, well we have a few good options here, let’s talk about them”. And from there, after 3 surgeries, and a few months in New York - I’m back in California planning a trip to The Galapagos Islands next year.

HSS saved me from a wheelchair. Dr Bostrom’s talent, his team, his skills and his attitude took me off of the bench and wholeheartedly and physically, put me back in the game. I am forever grateful.