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Nina Helms

Westport, CT
  • Nina Helms in the photo 1

I struggled with hip pain for 2+ years, and knew a hip replacement was in my future given diagnosis. I am a yoga teacher whose practice and teaching was suffering with the limitations my hip created. I waited a full year beyond comfort in order for my insurance to cover being treated at HSS and by Dr. McLawhorn. The wait was tough, but worth it given the outstanding results and awesome treatment that HSS, Dr. McLawhorn, his support crew and Stamford Hospital provided.

The surgery was during the pandemic when these types of surgeries were permitted again. Dr. McLawhorn got me on the schedule right away, understanding my pain was surpassing reason. I am so grateful for being heard and treated so well.

The hospital was clean, pristine and top notch too. I felt safe, well taken care of, was provided with clear instructions pre- and post-op that I followed to the letter - they are the experts! All of my questions were answered and still are when one pops up. I believe I have a resource for life.

I am excited to have my yoga practice back soon and to walk with out a limp and sleep through the night pain-free. It is a much brighter, happier world when not colored by pain. Thank you to everyone at HSS (it is a village) who treated me with kid and expert gloves - from the folks at the Westchester location to all on the 5th Floor at Stamford Hospital. Gratitude and appreciation. I will definitely seek out this same team if I need the other hip replaced.

Don't walk, RUN to HSS to get your surgery and be pain-free and get back to doing what you love. You will be in the most expert hands using the most cutting edge technology available.