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Nils Barth

New York, NY
  • Nils Barth in the photo 1

At a routine checkup, I was informed that I had musculoskeletal problems in my right foot, that they would get worse, and I'd probably need surgery or I'd eventually not be able to walk. I was recommended to talk to a specialist.

"I'm not even 40 yet!," I thought. "I had always been in good health, exercising regularly and moderately; how could this be happening to me?!"

I resolved to find an expert, but one who saw surgery as a last resort, only if necessary, not a reflex.

I was delighted to find Dr. Rock Positano, director of the well-named Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service.

He set me up with a regimen of orthotics, EPAT (Shock Wave), and icing my foot, which have kept my foot problems under control and brought down the inflammation. With the help of Dr. Positano and his team, we're keeping my body in good condition and healing itself: it's a commitment to myself.

His office combines the expertise of a world-class facility with the intimacy of a family practice; I look forward to my visits, get top-notch care, and always leave with a smile on my face.

Thank you Dr. Positano for keeping me on my feet, so I can stay on my feet and keep up with my son in the years ahead!