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Niko Pfund

New York, NY
  • Niko Pfund in the photo 1

I've played basketball and/or run for my entire life, and in recent years have run 5Ks and marathons with friends. In training for the Berlin Marathon, I injured my knee, which Dr. Shubin Stein diagnosed as a complex tear of the posterior horn of my left menial meniscus. It hurt to walk and it hurt to straighten my leg, so running was out.

I had arthroscopic surgery on October 7th, about 3 1/2 months after the injury. I never could have imagined that the experience could be so pain-free and effortless. From the moment I arrived at HSS everyone was helpful, friendly, informative, and efficient. I'm sure HSS and Dr. Shubin Stein must performs hundreds of such procedures a year but I never felt like I wasn't being spoken to as an individual. At the same time, I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the entire process, from my first encounter with HSS staff upon checking in to the dismissal a few short hours later.

I'm still in the early stages of recovery but I can't recommend HSS highly enough. I literally cannot think of a single thing that they could have done better, including covering me with a warm blanket (like a load of fresh laundry) shortly after I lay down on the operating table. I'm very appreciative of, and grateful to the entire staff.