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Nikki Cesar

Valley Stream, NY
  • Nikki Cesar in the photo 1
  • Nikki Cesar in the photo 2

AMAZING! Hands down! I came to HSS to see Dr. Huang for my severe spinal stenosis and herniated disc that were pressing against my spinal cord. I was in so much pain and lost sensation in my right leg due to lack of circulation of blood flow coming from my spine.

I have tried every treatment in attempt ease my pain and regain feeling but nothing worked! My LAST resort was a spinal fusion and decompression at the cervical level or I would risk paralysis if left untreated. Dr. Huang and his HSS team made me feel so comfortable that I was in good hands. He has such fantastic bedside manner and answers every last question without making you feel rushed. Most importantly he healed me.

Surgery was a success and I though weak I immediately regained feeling in my leg and over time, full strength with the help of PT. Now 4 years post-op, I'm pain free and have complete feeling in my leg. I can't thank him enough for all he has done. HSS is an amazing hospital with highly skilled staff which made my experience truly a pleasant one given the circumstances. Thank you Dr. Russell Huang and thank you HSS.