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Nick Coris

Beacon, NY
  • Nick Coris in the photo 1

Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Dr. Sheha. I came to him for a second opinion on a herniated disk which had pinched my nerve ending so severely that I had lost feeling and movement in my left ankle and big toe. I expressed my fear and unwillingness to have surgery due to having two children under 5 years of age and a profession I did not want to jeopardize which is demanding on my body. Dr. Sheha explained his concerns with my nerve damage and recommended surgery immediately due to the length of time the nerve had been pinched and his fear I would be permanently damaged.

The day of the surgery I was very nervous of the procedure itself and the post operative diagnosis, especially this being my first surgery. Dr. Sheha and the team at HSS immediately made me feel comfortable and assured me that everything would be fine. Upon awakening from the anesthesia, I was greeted by Dr. Sheha who explained the findings and repairs made during surgery. After realizing my disc wasn’t just herniated it had actually ruptured, he took his time to ensure he removed all fragmented pieces and cared for the nerve which was very irritated from the injury. Dr. Sheha also cleaned around the still intact disc to ensure the best results for my recovery and long term spinal health. I was pleased to find out that he called my wife to inform her of the successful procedure before I could even gather myself to do so following the operation.

Within the first week following the procedure, I felt great. My ankle and toe had started to respond well and I was getting stronger every day. I started physical therapy at the two week mark and shortly later returned to work after only 5 weeks post-op. I have slowly reinstated the majority of activities I enjoyed prior to the injury and look forward to continuing my very active lifestyle.

Prior to the surgery, I feared not being able to pick up my baby girl or play games and sports with my son. The first week in recovery I promised my son a foot race around the 10 week mark. I’m happy to say he won that race on the 7th week when I was able to run again. I cannot be more thankful once again for Dr. Sheha and also his office manager, Viviane, who arranged a quick surgery date with all parties needed and was there to promptly answer any questions I had before and after the procedure. I strongly recommend Dr. Evan Sheha and HSS, for they surpassed all of my lofty expectations.