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Nick Clement

Granby, MA
  • Nick Clement in the photo 1

I suffered for years from chronic arthritis and knee valgus stemming from a soccer injury that took place in 2003. I played college soccer and continued to workout consistently until I had to stop running all together in 2017. I'd had multiple arthroscopic surgeries to try and maintain a normal lifestyle, but ultimately had to make the decision to go the route a knee replacement at the age of 33.

I had been very hesitant to make the decision, but wish I'd done it sooner now. The technology available today combined with the experience of Dr. Westrich made it a no-brainer, and only 16 weeks out from surgery my day to day life is night and day compared to what I was dealing with prior to surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Westrich and all of the doctors at HSS, so if you're on the fence about a surgery you need with them, don't be.