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Nicholas Sherman

Succasunna, NJ
  • Nicholas Sherman in the photo 1
  • Nicholas Sherman in the photo 2

Nicholas is a 16 year old student at the Academy for Math, Science and Engineering where he is a sabre fencer, shot putter and discus thrower, as well as an Eagle Scout who loves hiking and the outdoors. While competing at a fencing meet in his sophomore year, Nicholas dislocated his patella and as a result, sustained an osteochondral fracture and damaged his medial patella femoral ligament (MPFL). Local doctors advised that the injury was uncommon and one they only saw a few times a year. Nicholas was distraught and feared the possibility that he might be limited in his ability to resume his favorite activities. So, we immediately began the search for a surgeon specializing in this type of surgery. We found this expertise at HSS.

You know you are in the right place when 5 independent doctors, 2 satisfied patients, and your own independent research all point you in the same direction- HSS and specifically Dr. Green. As soon as we met Dr. Green and his staff we felt the relief that comes with the realization that your child is in expert hands. Nicholas' injury was the fifth case of this type the doctor had seen that month. We learned that Dr. Green is not only one of the leading experts for this type of injury, but that he also trains many other physicians regarding surgical procedures for such complex cases. Dr. Green assured Nicholas that he would be able to repair the damage and that the goal was for him to return to his favorite activities. The doctor performed a repair of the osteochondral fracture and replacement of medial patella femoral ligament for patella dislocation.

After diligently following the doctor's post-operative instructions and faithfully attending physical therapy for almost a year, ten months to the day after his surgery, Nicholas received the good news that he was cleared for sports. Today he is a proud member of the Scarlet Knights fencing team, and again is able to actively participate in his scouting activities. Thank you HSS and Dr. Green.