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Nazzareno Mastroddi

White Plains, NY
  • Nazzareno Mastroddi in the photo 1

About 2 years ago, I started getting pain on my left hip. It got worse when walking, getting up, getting in and out of my car, or going up stairs. As the pain worsened, I could not walk very far. I was overdue to get this pain resolved. I started researching hospitals with the best record for hip replacement and, in my opinion, HSS was the best. It was proven to me with my first visit with Dr. Jason Blevins and his team. I had my left hip replaced on February 2024 at HSS and my experience was way more then I had ever expected. Six weeks post-op, I went for my appointment and x-ray. My new hip is looking good with no complications and no more pain. I am walking, driving, and doing things I never thought I could do again. I would recommend HSS and Dr. Jason Blevins to anyone who is suffering from hip problems. You will be very glad as I was for the great care and experience and for getting back to life without hip pain.