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Nathaniel Kue

New York, NY

It was a preseason baseball game for my high school. I don't know what happened. I swung the bat and then went down. I couldn't walk or stand. I went to an ER and they ace bandaged my knee and told me to follow up with an Orthopedic doctor in a week. My mom called Dr. McCarthy's office and she saw me the next day. She was sure my MCL was torn. She said sometimes other ligaments can also tear with the MCL that might need surgery. Her office got me an MRI appt the same day.

There were other ligaments involved but I would not need surgery. I was placed in a knee brace and Dr. McCarthy saw me every week until I got better. She spoke regularly with my PT who said he rarely got doctors to answer his calls. I didn't get to play my senior year and final season of baseball, which was a total bummer, but I was able to work my summer job as a camp counselor and play beach volleyball with my friends without any issues. Thanks Dr. McCarthy!!!