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Natalie Corella

Glen Cove, NY
  • Natalie Corella in the photo 1

I was first told that I has scoliosis at the age of 13. I had worn a brace for about a year and a half after finding out, and was told after wearing the brace for that time period it will no longer help me out anymore. I had gone a few years without the brace, so I had an x-ray done to check out how my spine was doing, only to find out that my spine curvature had progressed even more than last time. Since then, I lived my life with loads of back pain, and it began to interfere with my daily activities. I went to HSS to get a second opinion and was recommended to just through with the surgery. I was nervous to have surgery done because this was the first time being operated on, but the staff at HSS reassured me and helped me feel more at ease. I am now more than 3 weeks post-op and I feel better each day. I am so glad to have chosen HSS to be the place to have my surgery, and I am grateful to finally be on the road to recovery and not have to go through the back pain after almost 7 years.