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Natalia Oblonsky

New York, NY
  • Natalia Oblonsky in the photo 1

I am so thankful to Dr. DiFelice and his team for fixing my knee and allowing me to get back to fencing in such a short time. I had a pain in my knee for months before I went to see Dr. DiFelice. As it turned out I had a meniscus tear. I was debating whether I should have a surgery or just try physical therapy. Dr. DiFelice explained to me how I could benefit from arthroscopic surgery. My surgery was a breeze. I didn’t even need any painkillers. I had physical therapy soon after and was back to fencing in 2 months. I am so glad I listened to Dr. DiFelice’s advice to have the surgery done. I am back to the sport I love with zero pain. Thanks again Dr. DiFelice.