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Nancy Meany

Norwalk, CT
  • Nancy Meany in the photo 1
  • Nancy Meany in the photo 2

I tore my plantar flexor plate in my right foot due to years of playing tennis and other athletic activities. Combined with a bad bunion, this created a really annoying crossover of my second toe. At the time I came to see Dr. Cody I had been trying numerous foot inserts, toe separators, and other devices to straighten my toes out enough to be able get my foot somewhat aligned into my shoe to be able to play tennis or go for a run. It took chunks of time throughout my day working out which device I was going to try to wear for each activity and shoe. It became pretty tiresome because none of these things worked very well. I had continual rubbing on the top of my second toe which was becoming gradually more painful and bothersome.

It only took one visit to Dr. Cody for me to realize I had come to the right person to help me get my sports life back again! She explained that she could do a flexor to extensor tendon transfer on my 2nd toe along with a minimally invasive bunionectomy to get my toes straightened out. As you can see from the pictures (pre-surgery and one year post), it worked like a charm. When I go to play tennis or out for a run, I no longer need to use any spacers or assistive devices; I just throw on a pair of socks and shoes and run out the door just like I used to do years ago. No more toe crossing over and no more pain or blisters! I look at my foot and can’t believe how well aligned everything is.

Thank you, Dr. Cody! The functional improvements in my foot have been way beyond anything I could have hoped for. I am deeply grateful for the difference this has made in the quality of my life and being able to play sports with my friends.