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Nancy Gillen

Woodland Park, NJ
  • Nancy Gillen in the photo 1

I had right knee pain for quite a number of years. I had tried everything and still had pain and an inability to walk any kind of distance.

I heard all the stories of replacements gone bad. What I discovered is that the bad ones were mostly because the patient did not really follow the post-op care. If you are going to do this, commit to it. You can do it and it can be successful.

I researched Dr. DiFelice and made an appointment. I had surgery on 4/19/20, and my knee pain is gone. I am not 100% yet, but I know I will be. No knee pain and committed to doing the work.

My advice is do not be afraid of all the stuff you hear. Commit to getting better. In 4 weeks I was driving and in 6 weeks, I am walking over a mile and doing things I might have avoided in the past. Best of all? NO pain!