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Nancy Drumgoole

Fort Lee, NJ
  • Nancy Drumgoole in the photo 1

I am a nurse (for many years) so that doubles my hesitancy in seeking help with the unbearable pain in my right shoulder. At first it was just when I reached for something – I would yell out silently and eventually aloud. Then it became difficult to dress, especially to put on a coat! Then my strength was failing in that arm and I decided to seek help. I picked HSS because of their excellent reputation, and a friend/Pharmacist on staff there recommended Dr. DiFelice.

I was lucky enough that Dr. DiFelice practiced at HSS Paramus a couple of times a week, so that saved me trips into the city. From the beginning, I felt comfortable with Dr. DiFelice, not rushing into anything and listening to my symptoms.

In the end, I had surgery on my shoulder. I cannot emphasize enough, Dr. DiFelice, Robert O’Brien and all of his staff were so right on target on how it would go. With each step of surgery, recovery and therapy, I was prepared because they had already told me what to expect. From the initial exercises to the length of time it would take to recover – they knew and let me know in a kind and gentle manner.

I would be neglectful if I did not also mention the courteous and pleasant office staff at this practice. Making appointments, changing appointments, talking through the billing was all so very easy with a very educated and kind staff, thank you Yashira!

I know from experience many people hesitate in seeking help with shoulder injuries. Once you get there – go to the best! These people have it all together! They put the smile back on my face :)