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New York, NY
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After 62 ski seasons, the pain was no longer worth the exhilaration. Finally after doing what she could to rehabilitate my knees (repeatedly), Dr. Goolsby said it was time for a hip replacement and recommended Dr. Gausden. With Thanksgiving approaching, Dr. Gausden pulled off the miracle: replacing my right hip within 10 days of meeting me on 11/24/20. It’s not easy spending your first time in 74 years in a hospital - especially under COVID protocols. From check-in 3 hours before the operation until discharge, patient handling was tailored to the individual, not to other 6000 patients a year who come in for the procedure! I was encouraged to walk around the floor and climb the ‘mountain’ of 4 stairs in the PT area multiple times a day to build confidence (often seeing Dr. Gausden on her rounds). My first 3 physical therapy sessions were video visits via Zoom with HSS therapists and far exceeded my expectations. By the time I made it to Evolve Physical Therapy 2 blocks from my home 2 weeks later, I graduated from the walker to a cane. And under the careful supervision of my therapists there did my favorite yoga pose in celebration of my pain-free future and independence.