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Mossa Shakalu

Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mossa Shakalu in the photo 1
  • Mossa Shakalu in the photo 2

I have been playing table tennis in Mexico for about 9 years attending many local and international tournaments. Since early 2017 I began to experience pain in my right elbow. I started with acupuncture and antiinflammatory medicines. As the time went by, the pain was growing and the treatments I was doing were not helping. I had to seek medical assistance. I was diagnosed in Mexico by an orthopedic doctor for tennis elbow and got two times cortisone infiltrated and shockwave therapy.

During a 2018 thanksgiving table tennis tournament in the U.S. I felt a very sharp pain that I had never experienced before, so bad that I was not even able to hold my racket. I knew then that something bad had happened, so I when got back home I had an MRI done and found out that the extensor tendon of my right elbow was torn. A friend of mine recommended me Dr. David Altchek, I went to see him and he recommended I should do surgery to repair the tendon. I did the surgery by end of January-2019, after that thru physical therapy for 6 months, and then I started to train again by end of august for the 2019 North American Teams Championships. I got there with my team and played my best and achieved 2nd place of my division. I want to thank Dr. David Altchek for fixing me and getting me BACK IN THE GAME. He is the BEST!!!