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Morry Silverman

Wellington, FL
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My story begins in Wellington, Florida, where I live now. I had been familiar with HSS in New York City, since my brother had a few procedures there. The reputation of this specialty hospital is well known. Once I found out that HSS was building a facility in West Palm Beach, I thought that this would be the time to investigate surgery. To my dismay, spinal injuries were only being handled in NYC. I had a few friends that used Dr. Nicholas Sama for arthritic conditions and since he was one of the doctors that was opening at the new facility that I should visit him. I did and after seeing multiple physicians, I decided that having the surgery done at the #1 hospital was worth the inconvenience. I flew up for a consult, then a month later I flew up with my wife for my pre-op. I had 10 appointments and x-rays scheduled in one day. Every appointment was on time. Everyone in the offices were friendly and helpful. If I had any concerns regarding the surgery, my fears ended after my pre-op visit. The surgery was a success. My pain subsided right after surgery. There were some bumps in the road, but that was because my surgery occurred in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Andrew Sama (the surgeon) and Dr. Craig (the internist) were more than helpful throughout the entire 12 days I was in NYC. My wife was in constant communication with both doctors and not only did she have their cell phone numbers, but both physicians called my wife to make sure I was OK. This is unheard of, and I never experienced such empathy and kindness from any doctors that these two physicians and their staff exhibited throughout my stay in NYC. I am back home now and looking forward to having my follow ups visit by Dr. Nicholas Sama (Andrew's "better looking" brother).