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ML Gelber

Laurel, MD
  • ML Gelber in the photo 1

I will begin my story by saying that I traveled over 400 miles (RT) to see Dr. Jonathan Kirschner at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and it was definitely worth the trip. I had been plagued by unrelenting pain in my right shoulder for over a year due to osteoarthritis and tendinosis. I had no useful range of motion remaining in my shoulder and the pain was so bad it was starting to affect all aspects of my life, going so far as to keep me awake at night. The various treatments that I received from local doctors near my home in southern Maryland did not help me. One of my local doctors went so far as to tell me that I was old and just needed to learn to live with pain. I am an active person and I am not ready to spend the rest of my life immobilized by pain. So I started searching for other options and that is when I found Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and Dr. Kirschner. Dr. Kirschner offered me treatment options that were not offered to me in my hometown, including things that I never knew existed. Together, we developed a non-surgical treatment plan appropriate for my conditions and I am pleased to say that my pain is nearly gone and the range of motion in my shoulder has increased without surgery. I could not be happier; I wish I had come to HSS and Dr. Kirschner first. In addition to being a world class doctor, Jonathan Kirschner is also a kind and compassionate man. Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to Ms. Shawnda Leander-Lewis, Office Manager for Dr. Kirschner, for coordinating my visits and treatments, dealing with my insurance company, and always greeting me with a smile. Thanks to everyone for all of the help that I received. To anyone in pain, I would say that you owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Kirschner.