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Misael Roldan III

Tuckahoe, NY
  • Misael Roldan III in the photo 1

I am writing on my son’s behalf (Misael Roldan III):

As a parent, all you want for your children is to keep them safe, set them up for success, and to love them unconditionally. When my first born (Misael III) had his first ‘life-changing’ knee injury due to skateboarding, I was an emotional mess; dealing with a phone call of the incident while working from home and unable to get to his location fast enough. He was in an ambulance all by himself until I was able to get to him. My community kept him safe (so grateful). When my husband and I arrived at the hospital, he was just fine. He was just chatting away on everything that happened. That was just part 1 of this journey.

Then a great doctor (outside of HSS) referred Misael III to Dr. Daniel Green, and during the first appointment, he and his staff were so pleasant and walked us through the next steps of my son’s knee surgery. That day, my son absorbed everything Dr. Green debriefed him on and he learned so much about his knee injury. Dr. Green then mentioned that our main surgeon will be Dr. Frank Cordasco. A few weeks later, we visited with Dr. Cordasco and he explained the full process of what to expect on surgery day. Misael was nervous but Dr. Cordasco provided guidance to Misael (and myself).

On the day of Misael’s knee surgery, Misael was so worried because this was his first surgery at age 14. Dr. Cordasco and Dr. Green both chatted with him before surgery, and ensured him everything will be okay. I knew then, my son was going to be in good hands (and know that I was praying so much to protect my first born). I never experienced this situation. It was nerve-racking; but in ~3 hours, Misael was back in his recovery room, chatting away on his experience (all good).

The recovery time at home was a little tough since our rented apartment/furniture were not equipped for this type of situation but we finally made it work.

Misael then started with physical therapy (PT), within our community ( and within the HSS-approved facilities). After 2 months, I couldn’t keep up with the PT payments so I reached out to Dr. Cordasco’s team and they guided and educated me with HSS Financial Assistance for PT purposes. We were approved since I am still unemployed (was the head of household) and I cannot afford out-of-pocket costs for PT right now.

Misael will be starting physical therapy at the HSS location this month, March 2023. We are looking forward to meeting this team and truly helping Misael to recover his knee so he is able to take a sport, during his high school years.

To the HSS faculty, thank you SO much for your guidance and your support on my family’s current situation. As the mother of my little (only) family, it has been a stressful journey but know I am truly appreciative of all this. I was not born with a ‘silver spoon’ but I will continue to work hard for my family. Thank you again for this helping support. I truly do appreciate it so please know that.

To Dr. Cordasco & Dr. Green’s team, thank you for your patience on dealing with all my questions and emails. I know I was a pain but thank you for your guidance as well.

Thank you again,

The Roldans