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Maureen Mirabile

Chappaqua, NY

From the moment I arrived at HSS, I knew I was in the right place! The entire staff is professional and courteous. At my first appointment with Dr Rawlins, after hearing that I had exhausted all other possible treatments for my herniated L4/L5 disc to no avail, he recommended a spinal laminectomy.

I had the surgery 2 weeks later, and remarkably, I woke up from the surgery pain free! Of course, there was some post surgical soreness, but this was nothing compared to the agony I felt walking down steps, sleeping (or at least trying to!) and just living in general. Not to mention the numbness that I was feeling in my foot!

Ten months later, it is hard for me to remember how badly I felt! I am 100% recovered, pain free and ecstatic! Dr. Rawlins rocks!!!