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Mike Monahan

Ramsey, NJ
  • Mike Monahan in the photo 1
  • Mike Monahan in the photo 2

I am celebrating my one year anniversary of my partial knee replacement (October 30, 2018) and I am truly “Back in the Game”. After years of being active in high school and college sports plus 45 years of tennis and golf during my professional career, my right knee developed chronic pain. After one arthroscopic surgery and two injections, it was time to look to see a solution to the constant pain. A friend recommended me to Dr. Gregory DiFelice and after a consult; we agreed that a partial knee procedure would be the solution.

After a very through pre-surgery workup, I had the procedure performed at HSS in NYC. The surgery took only 3 hours and by 7 pm that night I was up and walking. I left that next day and was doing home PT within 3 day of discharge. Both Dr. DiFelice and some close friends strongly suggested to be religious about doing PT. I was and after 6 months of PT, I had reached my goals of getting back to the golf course and wading the streams of NY/NJ fly-fishing for trout. On my one-year anniversary, I am playing better golf and enjoying fly-fishing pain free.

The care I received at HSS was excellent from the person on the initial phone call to the person who walked me out to my car. They were all very professional and caring. Especially, Dr. DiFelice and his surgical team, the PT staff and all of the nursing staff who took such great care of me. It made all of the difference in the world.

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 45 years and have visited hundreds of hospitals; HSS is one of the best in the world. If I have to be on the receiving end of healthcare, HSS is the place I will always turn to for my orthopedic care.