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Mike Kluger

Brooklyn, NY
  • Mike Kluger in the photo 1

After having knee surgery in September 2022 by Dr. Rodeo at HSS, who was great, dealing with bad sciatica and having extreme tightness in my psoas, I became very frustrated and felt old. I did the PT I was prescribed but I was nowhere near feeling good. I asked my PT at HSS, Asma, who did an excellent job helping me recover from my surgery, what I can do to help me feel good again and get back to being more active. She recommended to me that I reach out to Katie Baird, HSS’ running and metabolic coordinator, and maybe she can help me reach my goals. I met with Katie for an initial evaluation and saw right away this was exactly what I needed. She crafted a custom exercise plan based on my ability and where was physically.

Over the past few months, I have worked with Katie and I have seen tremendous progress. She has helped me rebuild my strength, increased my mobility, and become leaner. These are the exact goals that I set out to accomplish when I started working with Katie. I was even more shocked when I was able to play some pickup basketball, which I have not been able to do in over 7 years. I have started biking again and I am now on a running plan with the goal to eventually run a 5K.

I am very thankful for this progress and plan to continue this journey; it is a lifestyle and Katie has been and continues to play a crucial role in my feeling better and being active.

Thank you very much, Katie, for all your help!

Mike Kluger