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Mike Cherry

Brooklyn, NY
  • Mike Cherry in the photo 1
  • Mike Cherry in the photo 2

My name is Michael Cherry and last November I had bilateral hip replacement by Dr. Jose Rodriguez. The doctor had performed my previous knee replacement 2 years before and when he suggested I have both hips done at the same time, I was confident that this would be the best option for me. The surgery was a complete success and I was up and about (with a walker) the next day. Dr. Rodriguez, his PA's and team are amazing. caring and devoted to the patient in so many ways.

Two weeks after the surgery Dr. Rodriguez cleared me for outpatient PT and I began therapy with Wai-Kwong Hui of the HSS PT Department. In early March as the pandemic began to ramp up I voiced my concerns to Wai about traveling to the hospital for my weekly sessions. Wai advised that everything was being done by HSS to keep the patients/clients/staff safe but understood my concerns.

Shortly after, I was contacted by Wai asking how I was doing and sharing with me that the hospital would be offering PT sessions which could be done at home via telehealth. We discussed what the benefits would be for me to continue my rehab via this platform and it all sounded very encouraging.

From my experience and interactions with Wai, he has always been professional, with my advancement and healing a priority. Through telehealth sessions Wai was able to continue to track my progress, critique my movements and suggest new exercises to get me to the next level.

Just wanted to take this time to acknowledge both Dr. Rodriguez and Wai-Kwong Hui as valuable assets to HSS for their effort and dedication to patients' recovery and "Getting Back in the Game".