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Michiel van Schaardenburg

New York, NY
  • Michiel van Schaardenburg in the photo 1
  • Michiel van Schaardenburg in the photo 2

I developed osteoarthritis in both hips, due to genetic predisposition and extensive running. The pain was persistent and dull and becoming more debilitating. After waiting 7 long years, I decided to move forward with the hip replacement solution at an age where I would expect it to last the rest of my mobile days. Dr. Buly performed total hip replacement on me in June on the left side and in December on the right side. Both operations went smoothly as planned. Dr. Markenson was very agile in dealing with a surprise heart condition, making it safe to proceed with the December operation and diligent in the aftercare. I am very impressed with the care of Dr. Buly himself, his team and the whole HSS experience: first class all the way. I was on my feet the next day for the first careful steps. A diligent program of physiotherapy with Gaetano Lombardo brought back muscle strength and mobility. I combined that with picking up my gym routine and spinning classes. Now, six months after surgery, I have recovered to the level where I rode 75 miles on my bike and climbed Bear Mountain along the way. I also lost 15+ lbs during the rehab and re-conditioning effort. Bottomline: I am pain-free and have regained a decent level of physical fitness again.