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Michelle Stevens

Granville, NY

The first time I came to HSS was in 2013 to see Dr. Lebl for neck pain. I couldn’t lift up my head and look straight I was looking at the ground, my right arm would move when I walked and I would lose use of my arm I remember sitting in his office he went over the test results of the CAT scan. My worst fear, another surgery, was explained to me as well as what he can do for me. I had the surgery in Dec. 2014. He took out the hardware from the second surgery and had to reconstruct my neck. Because of Dr. Lebl I can hold my head up and my right arm works. Dr. Lebl did such an amazing job. He is a compassionate doctor and truly cares about his patients. He will even call the patient at home, which really surprised me. I will recommend him as a surgeon because he is the best. Thank you Dr. Lebl for giving me my life back. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the quality of life I have now.