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Michelle Stack

Danbury, CT
  • Michelle Stack in the photo 1
  • Michelle Stack in the photo 2

When I first met Dr. Markowicz, my knee was leaking copious amounts of fluid as the result of an infection. In Danbury, I could not find an orthopedic doctor who could help. There was so much swelling I was barely able to bend my knee when I sat down.

After examining me Dr. M. agreed to do the 2-part surgery, warning me almost every other sentence that I have to understand that amputation below the knee may be our only option. Since we both were willing to try we went forward with removing the old prosthetic knee and putting in an antibiotic spacer in its place for six weeks along with IV antibiotics.

I went to an area rehab center to wait out the six weeks with orders to not bend the knee or get out of the bed. After the first week I suddenly developed severe pain and muscle spasms around ten inches above the kneecap. Dr. M. ordered x-rays and it turns out that my femur broke completely! All from rolling in bed with osteoporosis and infection! Dr. M. ordered an extra long knee stabilizer, which I wore for five more weeks.

After the full six weeks went by, Dr. M. performed the removal of the antibiotic spacer along with the insertion of the new (my second) total knee AND repaired my broken femur as well! I transferred back to rehab and after three weeks of hard work I went home!

I continued with home therapy from the VNA for quite some time. Now, a full year later, I am thrilled to say that I still have my knee and lower leg and that my knee's range of motion is excellent.