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Michelle Obert

Langhorne, PA
  • Michelle Obert in the photo 1

I had two herniated discs in my neck (likely caused by a car accident) that was causing so much pain in my shoulders and weakness/loss of strength in my arms and hands for about 3 years. We went to HSS for a 3rd opinion and met Dr. Han Jo Kim. From the moment we met Dr. Kim we knew we were in the right place and with the right doctor. I was also very concerned since I was going to be my sister's maid of honor at her wedding in September. Dr Kim was very confident, assuring me that all was going to be okay and I would be completely fine for my sister's wedding!

I was very scared about the thought of anterior spinal surgery, but felt confident being in the highest ranked orthopaedic hospital in the country and knew that Dr. Kim was a very talented and skilled surgeon that would take care of me. I would also like to say from the moment we entered the hospital for pre-admission through surgery day, my experience with the team of doctors caring for me were very good - specifically Dr. Craig, my anesthesiologist Dr. Urban and Mike (Dr. Kim's Physician's Assistant), who answered my flurry of pre and post operative questions! Thank you for giving me my life back! I am now back to my regular routine at home and work and living completely pain free! My sister's wedding was a week ago and I felt great dancing all night on the dance floor!! I highly recommend Dr. Han Jo Kim and the Hospital for Special Surgery!