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Michelle Luebke

Jersey City, NJ
  • Michelle Luebke in the photo 1
  • Michelle Luebke in the photo 2

Four years ago — and again one year ago after a flare-up — I was on crutches, crippled with pain with no diagnosis or treatment in sight. Thanks to Dr. Drakos for removing hardware from a previous surgery that was impinging a nerve in my foot and to Dr. Gungor for diagnosing and treating the resulting CRPS, I'm running again for the first time since the original accident over a decade ago! On Election Day I finished an 87-mile "Run for Ruth" in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to support women's rights, including a 9-mile run on my birthday! Thanks Drs. Gungor and Drakos and HSS for getting me Back in the Game!