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Michelle Gagnon

North Bellmore, NY
  • Michelle Gagnon in the photo 1
  • Michelle Gagnon in the photo 2

As you can see from my physicians and surgeries, I have been a frequent visitor to HSS. I have had both hips replaced, both shoulders replaced and so far, one knee replaced. I cannot say enough about ALL of my surgeons, HSS, and hospital staff.

It started with my hips. I was born born with congenital dislocation of my right hip. I had surgery in Hungary at the age of 2. My left hip became dislocated when I was 8 and had surgery in England. (We escaped from Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution.)

After many years of wear and tear, I was hardly able to walk. Dr. Buly replaced my right hip in Oct. 1997 and my left hip in Jan. 1998. The surgeries were very successful and I was able to do many things I could not do prior to my surgery, including playing tennis.

Fast forward to Oct. 2015 and Feb. 2016. Dr. Gulotta performed "reverse" shoulder replacement surgeries on my right and left shoulders. Severe osteoarthritis was causing excruciating pain. I could not sleep, dress, lift my arms, or perform simple daily tasks without pain and very little mobility. I cannot emphasize the RELIEF and MOBILITY I had after the surgeries.

In Sept. 2016, my surgeon replaced my right knee. Again, it had become difficult to walk without pain. Once again, my surgery was a huge success!! My left knee also was due for surgery. Unfortunately, my left hip started to hurt again, after all, it was 21 years since Dr. Buly replaced the hip.

I have contacted my surgeon and he will be "revising" my left hip in the very near future which will be followed by replacing my left knee.

Hopefully, I won't need a pacemaker to keep all these joints in motion!!

I can TRULY say that HSS had gotten me "BACK IN THE GAME" several times and it's not over yet.

I would NEVER go to any other hospital for orthopedic surgery. Thank you HSS for improving my quality of life by 110% and allowing me to stay in the game!!